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Land In Turkey

When we think about the importance of Turkey for the World, or why having a Land in Turkey is beneficial, the first thing comes to mind is that it has a unique location on Earth where it connects 3 continents, allowing transition between Asia, Europe and, Africa. For this reason, it has been the homeland of many civilizations throughout the history. If we also acknowledge the fact that Turkey is economically growing country with lots of opportunities, we can see the potential it has for the people who live, or want to start a new life here in Turkey.


There are many things Turkey can offer but we can begin with the historic value of the lands. Every corner of the country has traces of history left by the civilizations that once had flourished here. This is why Turkey has one of the biggest tourist traffic in the world. In 2014, over 41 million people visited Turkey. Other than historic values, Turkey’s all seven regions has its own characteristics with geographic, ethnic, and cultural features waiting to be experienced. Its 3 major types of land and sea climate make most of the lands in Turkey very convenient to live all year around. Different climate types and geographic features allow diversity in agricultural applications. In 2012, Tukey made 62 billion dollars of agricultural revenue and became the 7th in world. Not only in agriculture, Turkey is developing itself in every field such as indusrty, and finance, revealing new opportunities for investing in Turkey.


To invest in Turkey, buying a land in Turkey is a good way to profit in both long and short term. Turkish government is working on mega projects such as 3. airport in Istanbul that will be the biggest airport in Europe, and new underground railways to ease the urban transport in the city. Therefore lands around these projects gaining value day by day. Investors all around the world have become aware of this potential and started to look for occasions to buy land in Turkey.

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