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Land In İstanbul

Istanbul is one of the unique places on Earth that makes it possible to go to a continent from another continent in minutes. Istanbul has undertook the task of being a bridge between Europe and Asia throughout the history, and one single land in İstanbul may contain heritage of many cultures and civilizations.

Due to being a major transition point for both Turkey and the world, more than 10 million tourists come to Istanbul annually, and it has a lot to offer. You can enjoy the unique view of the Bosphorus, visit the historical structures, feast yourself with Turkish cuisine from all seven regions, or you can entertain yourself with endless options of activities Istanbul provides.

Istanbul is one of the highest populated cities in the World, 13,5 million and counting. In last 10 years, major construction projects have been completed and many more is in progress, allowing it to hold the Mega City title. Every year, underground railways are multiplying and projects like Marmaray allow connecting the railways of both Asia and Europe sides’ railways to each other. The construction of 3. Bosphorus bridge has started, and is about to finish, to ease the road transportation in, and through the city. Because of these projects, local and international investors are looking for lands for sale in Istanbul in an increasing rate, around the project areas.

Trade has also been a major sector in Istanbul for hundreds of years. Today, most Turkish brands and private banks has located their headquarters in Istanbul. Other than that, the first choice of international corporations and brands to start trading in Turkey is İstanbul. Therefore investing in İstanbul is a clever move for those who want to start a business, or to live in Istanbul.

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